Top 5 Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

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You already know Chia Seeds have numerous benefits, but what happens when you extract the chia oil and use it as a supplement for your whole body including your hair, nails and skin? Let’s find out!

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the benefits of chia seeds, but not a lot of people are talking about the benefits of organic chia seed oil…

Yup, it turns out that by pressing thousands of pounds of these tiny chia seeds, you can produce a super-rich, omega oil to nourish your whole body!

What is Chia Seed Oil?

Chia seed oil is a nutrient-rich oil with a golden color. It has a mild, clean, nutty flavor.

It contains significant amounts of Omega-3 essential fatty acids for your brain, heart, immune system and joints. Chia Oil also contains a significant amount of antioxidants like polyphenols and carotenoids which protect your skin and cells.

Where Does Chia Oil Come From?

Chia oil is extracted from the tiny super-seed, Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica L.).

Did you know?: A good quality chia oil will come from carefully selected chia seeds that contain the highest amounts of essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

We recommend and eat only this organic chia oil.

And will not contain any harmful additives, pesticides, herbicides or contaminants. You should look for a mechanical, cold-pressed chia oil for optimal nutrient content and purity.

Why Is The Omega-3 From Chia Oil, Essential For Optimal Health?

Our bodies are very good at making a lot of things. But it can’t make omega-3.

That’s why you must get omega-3 from food sources. Unfortunately, many products contain below-average amounts of omega-3, or worse, filled with unwanted by-products, chemicals and other toxins. Yes, not all omega-3 supplements are created equal.

But guess what? Chia Oil, contains significant amounts of omega-3 in the formnature intended:

a perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6.

This is important because too much omega-6 can lead to inflammation in your body which is associated with almost all degenerative problems from joint pain, cancer to heart disease.

However, omega-3 is anti-inflammatory, which prevents inflammation in the body. Since our diets are heavy in omega-6, it’s essential you supplement with a high quality, sustainable omega-3 supplement, like chia seed oil, to reduce inflammation and protect your cells and support critical systems in your body like your heart, brain, immune and nervous systems.

What Are The Benefits Of The Antioxidants Found in Chia Oil?

Chia Oil contains unusually high amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients. These amazing properties are found naturally within the seed to help protect the seed from oxidative stress.

These same free-radical scavengers that protect the seed, can protect your cells too!

Internal Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

Chia Oil should be taken internally in the morning, before meals. I like to take a teaspoon in the morning to feel the benefits throughout the day.

When taking chia oil on a daily basis, you may experience many of these benefits:

1. Improved Brain Function

Omega-3 fats help build brain cell membranes, promote new brain cell formation and reduce overall brain inflammation. This will help to improve your mood and memory and can often protect against certain brain disorders like depression and dementia. Because Organic Chia Seed Oil contains large quantities of Omega-3, it’s the perfect supplement to take daily to experience these brain-boosting benefits.

2. Reduced Inflammation and Joint Pain

Running, biking, swimming, or any peak exercise activity, really puts a lot of strain on your joints.

Joint pain is often associated with inflammation in the body. And eating foods high in omega-6 while not supplementing with omega-3, leads to significantly more inflammation.

That’s why it’s critical to supplement with a high quality supplement that contains the proper ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Mother Nature provides this in Chia Oil. You will start to feel the difference in your joints and overall energy levels once you start taking omega-3 from chia seed oil on a daily basis.

3. Support for Heart and Cardiovascular Systems

It’s well documented that omega-3 essential fatty acids are essential for heart health.

In fact, these fats appear to help the heart beat in the right rhythm to avoid the dangerous, and potentially fetal, erratic rhythm associated with cardiac deaths each year in the U.S.

According to the GISSI Prevention Trial, heart attack survivors who supplemented with 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids daily, for three years, were less likely to have a repeat heart attack or stroke. One teaspoon of Organic Chia Seed oil daily is all that you need to reach optimum levels of omega-3 intake for your day.

4. Omega-3 from Chia Oil may Help Eliminate Dry Eye Syndrome

Omega-3 fatty acids may wipe out dry eye syndrome, according to new research. Dry eye syndrome affects up to one-third of the world’s population, and causes itchy, stinging eyes and sensitivity to light. If left untreated, it can impair vision, and in extreme cases, cause blindness.

Researchers in India found that a daily dose of omega-3, improved the symptoms of dry eye syndrome by as much as 105 percent. They presented their data at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Symposium in San Diego.

External Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

Chia oil is the perfect oil for your skin. Lather it all over!

Did you that our Skin is the largest organ? Yes, it absorbs anything you put on it, like a sponge!

That’s why traditional moisturizers and other skin-care products are not-so-good for you…filled with toxic chemicals and questionable ingredients…

Instead, let’s turn to nature for the answers…apply chia oil daily to your skin to nourish your blood vessels and pores deep down. Nourish your body from the outside in – FREE from Chemicals.

5. The Perfect Oil for All Dry Skin Types

If you suffer from dry skin, sun-damaged skin or want full and hydrated lips, lather a few drops of chia oil each day into your pores and start to see and feel the difference of chia oil’s unique anti-aging properties.

Organic Chia Seed Oil absorbs deep into your skin cells and significantly increases skin hydration while improving your skin’s barrier function. It can work for even the driest of skin conditions.

6. Promotes Radiant and Youthful Looking Skin

Looking for that “glowing” and radiant skin? Chia Seeds have more antioxidants than blueberries and those same qualities are present in organic chia oil, delivering essential, anti-aging nutrients, to your skin and hair.

The bottom line?

You can use chia seed oil everywhere! Apply it to your skin, rub into dry spots, and even add it to your hair conditioning routine to help nourish dry split-ends and your scalp.

Where to Buy Chia Seed Oil

Before you start looking at your local grocery store, remember that you won’t find the purity and quality of chia seeds or chia oil as I am about to explain to you: Not all chia seeds are created equal. And since chia oil comes from the seed, not all Chia Oil is created equal either.

You should look for a cold-pressed chia oil bottled in a dark, glass bottle to protect it from going rancid, which is often found to occur in many fish oil and other omega-3 supplements.

In short, it’s important that the chia oil you are using is:

  • Organic, free from Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Contains the highest amount of antioxidants and essential fatty acids
  • Is packaged in a dark, glass bottle to prevent exposure to light and chemical plastics.

That’s why we recommend Organic Pure Foods™ Extra Virgin, Cold-pressed, Raw, Chia Oil. We’ve tasted different oils and this oil is unlike any other nutritional oil on the market in its purity & nutritional profile.

Can you Cook with Chia Oil?

Yes – Surprisingly, chia seed oil has a high smoke point, higher than coconut oil!

Just keep in mind, that the more heat the oil is exposed to, the less nutrients it will provide to you. We recommend adding the oil to a light stir fry or after steaming your vegetables for maximum results.