Ultra-Pure Premium
Organic Raw Black Chia Seeds


The Very Original Black Chia Seeds used by the MesoAmerican Indian Warriors and Royalty for Energy and Vitality. 
  • Complete Protein – Including all amino acids. 
  • Omega 3 – The Most Abundant Source of ALA, the only essential fatty acid. 
  • More Fiber and Lignans – promotes a healthy microbiome in your gut. 
  • More antioxidants and polyphenols. 
  • Guaranteed Pesticide Free, No Sticks, Stems or other debris.

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Pineapple Raspberry Smoothie with Chia Seeds and Mustard Greens

I call this the Sweet and Heat Chia Smoothie! It’s a delicious twist on a traditional pineapple raspberry smoothie. “Spicy” is not necessarily a word that comes to mind when I think about smoothies. Smoothies are usually sweet, maybe with a little sour thrown into the mix if you want to get a little wild with

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How to Make And Use Chia Seed Gel (With Recipes and Ratios)

We wouldn’t doubt that somewhere in your health-food journey, you’ve come across some of the wonderful ways to consume chia, but today we want to focus specifically on chia seed gel. The problem is, you may still not be sure where to start or, perhaps, even how to start. Chia gel is the key to

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Mouth-Watering Vegan, Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Recipe with Chia Seeds

This vegan carrot cake recipe is different than many carrot cake recipes out there because we’ve swapped out traditional egg mix with a chia seed egg mix! Plus you’ll notice the list of ingredients includes coconut oil and coconut sugar. You can also use date sugar or Lakanto as a sweetener. All options are better

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RECIPE: Vegan Pumpkin Pie with Chia & Nut Crumble Crust

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie? This all Vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe is full of nutrition and taste! Here’s what you need first: INGREDIENTS For the Crust: 2 Tbsp chia seeds (Pure Organic Foods) 2 Tbsp raw chia seed oil (Pure Organic Foods) 2 cups organic raw almonds ½ cup organic raw walnuts 1 Tbsp organic

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Ultra Pure Organic Black Chia Seeds From Organic Pure Foods™

  • Finally a Chia Seed Brand you can Trust – Taste and Feel The Difference of
  • Ultrapure™, High Fiber, High Omega-3, Premium Black Chia Seeds.
  • Every Lot of Seed is Triple Lab Tested: Guaranteed the Highest Nutrient Content and Purity Available.
  • The Organic Pure Foods Company™ has a zero-tolerance policy for all pesticides.
  • “The Organic Pure Foods Company™ is the first company to establish detailed sampling protocols and a triple testing policy to ensure that all products meet our stringent zero-tolerance policy.
  • We invite you to enjoy the PEACE OF MIND you and your family will have using these unique UltraPure™ seed variety.