Our Mission

We are a “people before profits” company. We make decisions based on how they will impact the planet. We contribute 2% of our profits to organizations that educate people about organic food and why it is the best solution for sustaining life and the personal and environmental hazards of producing and consuming genetically modified foods. We try to do our part to increase the quality and sustainability of our food supply.

We offset our transportation and energy usage by purchasing carbon credits locally where they are used to plant trees in our local community, in an effort to achieve “true” carbon neutrality. In short, we try and walk softly on the earth, living with a deep awareness of the present moment, with love and gratitude for the efforts of all that make this life possible.

We invite you to join us in our mission to build an army of conscious humans that live in peace and contentment with what is given, while sharing the love and gratitude of our bounty with all. We look forward to sharing the Organic Vegan Superfoods journey with you.

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What People Are Saying About Us

"I ordered the chia seeds. They arrived on time,the bag is resealable and displays the necessary information regarding the seeds.Tip: Remember not to have too many if you are just starting a higher fiber diet, if you have stomach problems after consuming, drink more water every day and start slow.I do not leave in water overnight, letting it sit in your water or tea for a couple minutes and stirring is my preffered way to enjoy them."

A. Nicolas

High Quality Chia Seeds - Excellent quality, fair price, they taste great.

Heather R.​

I first bought this brand of Chia Seeds to support florida farmers and because it was organic. After seeing the great quality of this product, I will always buy this brand.

Renan Bizelli​

I put a tablespoon or two in my tea everyday and it really does keep you full/not craving for a long while. You are not stuffed but you are not hungry. I was concerned about using it because I hadn't before so I started out with a teaspoon and worked my way up to two tablespoons. It's a great product, when I run out I will re-order from this company/brand.


This is a new phenomenon to me. The seeds were recommended to me by my daughter-in-law as a health benefit. They taste fine, but the jury is still out on the health benefit.


Shop with confidance

If you are unhappy with any product for any reason, we will provide a full refund or replacement* if requested within 60 days of purchase. For domestic returns†, there are never any restocking fees or charges for return shipments. You can always shop with confidence at OrganicVeganSuperfoods.com! 

For support or answers to your questions, please contact us.​