The Most Nutritious Plant-based Oil You’ve Never Heard of..

And Why You MUST Have It In Your Diet Every Day. 

The prestigious Institute of Medicine (1), relied upon by physicians across the USA and Canada, recommends daily adequate intake (AI) rates of ALA, the “the only Omega 3 that is essential” at 1600 mg per day for men and 1100 mg per day for women.

But why? 

Chia Seeds are the best source of the only essential plant-based Omega 3 fatty acid, ALA (alpha linolenic acid). ALA is essential because the body cannot produce it like it does EPA and DHA, the other important Omega 3 fatty acids.

Modern science and clinical research have confirmed the daily need for high quality nutritional oil in the human diet to maintain the optimum health of the following body systems, organs, and conditions:

  • Cardiovascular System – one of the most important systems of the body, carries nutrients and oxygen to all its cells. The most important component of this system is the heart. A vital organ that must be maintained properly to enjoy optimum health and vitality throughout life.
  • Immune System – protects the body against disease and invasive organisms like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It is one of the most sensitive and easily compromised vital systems of the body.
  • Nervous System – the biological information system that is comprised of neurons, synapses and neurotransmitters (like dopamine and serotonin). The health and vitality of the nervous system require daily dietary intake of high-quality fats.
  • Brain – the brain is the second most significant energy consumption organ of the body, second only to the heart. The most powerful energy fuel for the brain is high quality plant-based fats.
  • Weight Management – the key factor in weight management is nutritional support of satiety through the daily intake of nutritional oils. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to eat ample amounts of high-quality fat. (2)
  • These essential fats support blood sugar balance, skin elasticity, joint mobility and proper cellular growth and energy generation.

What is “High Quality” Nutritional Oil?

High Quality Nutritional Oil is plant-based oil obtained from Ultra-Pure Chia™ seeds— organic, pesticide free, bacteria free, fresh seed. The high nutritional quality of the oil is obtained by reducing or eliminating four factors when pressing the oil from the whole seed. The four critical factors that must be managed aggressively in the pressing process are:

  • Light – any type of light has a negative impact on the nutritional oils, but most especially UV light.
  • Heat – our proprietary Nature Fresh Oil Extraction™ process never allows the oil temperature to exceed 115⁰ F. This preserves the Ultra-Pure Chia™ Oil in its most pure, truly raw state.
  • Oxygen – our proprietary process occludes oxygen from the pressing processes, preventing oxidation from degrading the nutritional quality of the oil.
  • Time – exposure times make the difference in oil quality. We keep any exposure nil to none existent.

Why Choose Organic Pure Foods™ Ultra-Pure Chia™ Oil?

  • Packaged in Glass Bottles, never plastic! All plastic leaches petrochemicals and hormone disrupting toxins into the oil
  • Highest Omega 3 (ALA)content of any plant-based nutritional oil
  • Just 1 tsp. (2765 mg) provides more than the Recommended Daily Intake of ALA Omega 3, 1600 mg and 1100 mg (for men and women respectively)
  • 48 teaspoons/servings per bottle, more than a month and half daily supply
  • Proprietary Cold pressed process below 115⁰ F
  • Truly raw, plant-based nutritional oil, (below 118⁰ F is technically raw)
  • Processed and stored in oxygen and light occluded environment
  • Convenient and easy to use on salads, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, bread, pasta, and fine cooking and cuisines


But Can I Cook With It?

Initially we accepted the conventional wisdom that you could not cook with nutritional oil. The determining metric/analysis for quality and heat tolerance of a cooking oil is the smoke point.

One day, we were asked what the smoke point is for our cold pressed chia oil. So, we sent a sample of our oil to the best oil lab in the USA and waited for the results. About two weeks later we received the results, 486⁰ F, WOW! We were astonished, and frankly, couldn’t believe it. So, we sent another sample…and the results were in the >390⁰ F range. Since that time, we have added smoke point testing to the 75 other parameters we test for in every batch of our Ultra-Pure Chia™ Oil.  

Yes, in our Ultra-Pure Chia™ Oil we have a scientifically verified cooking/culinary oil that is one of the best choices for light sautéing, fine cooking and cuisines. Always maintaining the highest nutritional value for you and your family.

The Perfect Oil For SAUTÉING (3)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Love the topper on the bottle that allows me to shake the right amount on my salads. I am very happy with the omega ratios and the quality of the oil. Omegas are comparable to flax but flavor is so much better. Glass bottle is great and much preferred over plastic. As a raw vegan, I am very grateful to have a raw chia oil available, thank you!

-Melissa (06/26/18)

Excellent vegetarian Omega-3 oil! Best of three chia seed oils I tried so far. I use it for smoothies and pour it on already cooked foods like grains. It’s mild tasting….milder than flax seed oil; but I use both for variety.

-Amanda (08/25/18)

Purity and Quality - Unsurpassed

Pure Organic Foods and Fiber, Inc. and the Organic Pure Foods™ brand is bringing you the purest and highest quality Ultra-Pure Chia™ Oil with the best nutritional profile on the market!






Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If for any reason you are not completely happy with this highly nutritious, premium culinary oil, we will give you a complete refund (less shipping) and you keep the product.

“From product quality and high nutritional standards to the very best pesticide-free, organic practices and purity backed by our TRIPLE VERIFIED lab tested quality. We take pride in doing business the right way. Our guiding principles are that the planet and the health of her people come before profit. Always.” – The OVS Team.

Every bottle you purchase helps us eliminate another plastic bottle from our precious environment. We appreciate your support!

Zero-tolerance policy for all pesticides.

The Organic Pure Foods Company™ has a zero-tolerance policy for all pesticides.

“The Organic Pure Foods Company™ is the first company to establish detailed sampling protocols and a triple testing policy to ensure that all products meet our stringent zero-tolerance policy.

We test for more than 300 agricultural pesticides and accept nothing but PESTICIDE FREE, including glyphosate, paraquat, and diquat which other companies don’t.

Last year, The Organic Pure Foods Company™ tested with independent labs, over 100 lots of other “organic” chia seeds, representing approximately 5 million pounds of chia seed. 100% of the chia seeds were contaminated with glyphosate, paraquat, or diquat…all known carcinogens.

We invite you to enjoy the PEACE OF MIND you and your family will have using these unique Ultra-Pure Chia™ seed products.

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  • High Smoke Point


  1. The Institute of Medicine was established in 1970 by the National Academy of Sciences to secure the services of eminent members of appropriate professions in the examination of policy matters pertaining to the health of the public. The Institute acts under the responsibility given to the National Academy of Sciences by its congressional charter to be an adviser to the federal government and, upon its own initiative, to identify issues of medical care, research, and education.
  2. Mark Hyman’s Eat Fat, Get Thinhas changed the way we view dietary fat.

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