How I Reduced My Inflammation And Increased My Energy Levels By Using A New Omega-3 Cooking Oil That You've Probably Never Heard Of 

The story I'm about to share with you today almost didn't exist if not because of a lucky chance I had to try out something I will forever be grateful to...

My name is Laura and I love making nutritious food for me and my family at home.

But for at least the past 5 years, I’ve suffered chronic pain in my joints and low energy but never thought to look at my diet, let alone my omega-3 imbalance (or lack thereof) as being part of the problem.

I was so tired sometimes I never felt like making a meal and dreaded telling that to my family every night...

When these symptoms first arose, I refused to give into them. 

I was still very active and continued to enjoy my life to the fullest – despite feeling tired all the time and constant twinges of pain throughout my hands and joints.

But, as time progressed, these ailments just got worse.

I’d visited my doctor multiple times. But, if you’re in a situation similar to mine, I’m sure you’ll understand why I often found myself getting frustrated. 

When you reach a certain age, it’s almost as if doctors don’t care much anymore – or at least that’s been my personal experience anyway. 

During each and every visit I would complain about my pain and energy problems, and was made to feel like I was simply wasting their time.

I was just given routine pain relief and some energy-enhancing exercises to do at home. 

And I can honestly say – they did absolutely nothing.

I began to find day-to-day life extremely difficult, and I became heavily reliant on my husband. He isn't the cooking type but he tried his best.

I felt utterly helpless, and couldn’t do even half of the things I wanted to through pain or fear of making my conditions worse. And this included spending quality time with my family, something I was not prepared to give up. 

I wasn’t willing to allow my ailments to get in the way of spending precious time with my family.

…and I was determined to do everything in my power to feel better – with or without my doctor’s help.

So, I sat down with my husband and daughter to do a little research into what causes inflammation and natural ways I could boost my energy levels that actually were proven to work.

And the one thing that came up time and time again was “are you getting enough omega-3 in your diet”?

Obviously I knew what omega-3 was, but I had no idea that the cooking oils I was using were not only toxic for me but they also contributed to a sever lack of omega-3 in my diet.

You see, most cooking oils have excessive amounts of omega-6 and little to none of the essential omega-3 my body needs every day. I also learned that the human body cannot make omega-3 from other foods so it's essential to get enough of it from omega-3 rich foods.

Not only that, I learned the human body can only make energy from sugars (bad) or Fat (I'm talking about the good fats).

This was all news to me and, if I’m brutally honest, I thought it was just a gimmick. If medicinal pain relief and specific energy exercises weren’t able to help, what was changing the oil I make meals with and cook with going to help?

Luckily, my daughter over-ruled my skepticism and insisted on me ordering a bottle of this never-seen-before Organic Chia Oil – and I will be forever grateful she did.

On first glance, it sounds like I am recommending you eat those little “chia plants” we use to grow in the 90's. But I had not idea how amazing this oil truly was until I tasted it and started using it every day for 30 days.

WOW...let me share with you this little golden nugget (literally)...

After using just a teaspoon every day and adding it to my salads, I started to sense a significant change.

Even my picky-eater-husband started to notice he didn't have to cook as often (he hates cooking by the way). 

I was starting to feel more energized day by day. My husband even noticed the meals started to taste better than before when I was cooking with other oils!

Now don’t get me wrong, this change didn’t happen overnight. I persevered with this chia oil, and as I started to increase my servings of this omega-3 rich oil, I began to notice less and less joint pain. 

Over time, I could feel more energy because my body was burning good fat (the kind of fat our body needs!). 

I eliminated sugar from my diet and began detoxing. Because of this new found energy, I found myself cooking more often, wanting to exercise more and spending even more time with my family (which we all enjoy now).

Better still, because Chia Oil has a high smoke point (Chia oil has a smoke point of 486⁰ F.) it makes the best cooking oil possible. That's over 80⁰ F higher than olive oil!
But it gets even better...

When we started to cook with it, we noticed the taste was completely neautral and made our dishes taste amazing. Plus we could rest easy knowing this oil had the proper ratios of omega 3 to omega 6 (super rich in omega 3 which was lacking in our diets).

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this new found Chia Oil.

So I reached out to the company who makes it to share this story. I also wanted to know more about how it was made and the people behind the product (I'm really picky about the quality of our food).

When I spoke with the founder Marc, he said each batch of the chia oil is cold-pressed and the seed selection goes through a rigorous lab testing process. 

He said: “We test for more than 300 agricultural pesticides and accept nothing but PESTICIDE FREE, including glyphosate, paraquat, and diquat which other companies don’t.”
Now our family can rest easy knowing the oil we use to cook with, pour on salads or take in the morning as part of our detox regimen, exceeds all of the criteria we believe to be in a healthy cooking and nutritional oil:

  • The perfect balance of omega-3 oils (the most abundant source of plant-based omega-3's so it's gentle on the environment too!).
  • Higher smoke-point than any alternative cooking oil like olive oil, coconut oil, canola, sunflower etc).
  • Cold-Pressed and made in small batches to maintain it's nutritional power.
  • USDA Organic and GMO-Free.
  • Best of all, it tastes AMAZING!
I genuinely feel revitalized, and haven’t felt this young and vibrant in a VERY long time. So if you, like me, have suffered with stubborn joint pain from inflammation and low energy problems, the relief from cooking with this amazing Chia Oil is an absolute must-have – no doctors or expensive medication needed.