The Organic Vegan’s Story…

We founded our company because we believe that whole, organically grown food is the best food we can eat…for humans, for animals, and for the planet! Continue reading and find out how we "stumbled upon" this ancient seed we call Chia...

Our Founder Inspecting Chia Seed Fields - Before Harvest

Unprocessed, organic, healthy and safe foods should be: affordable and easily accessible to everyone and I’m so happy that you’ve decided to join and support our mission!

For over 35 years, our Founder has traveled the world working with organic food growers, formulators and industry find the most nutritious and highest purity organic, vegan superfood products on the planet.

"We don't sell any product unless it's been personally approved and consumed at our family's dinner table..."

​As a demonstration to that quality of excellence, our Premium Organic Chia Seeds only come from Organic Pure Foods™ which is the leader in providing the best Organic Chia Seeds, Oils and Proteins available. 

We are the only source of the Ultra-Pure, Organic Black Chia Seeds - The Original Chia

Here's how we discovered this amazing variety of chia...

First, the story begins with our founder...​

"For the last ten years I have traveled the world over, working with growers and processors of chia in a quest to find the most nutritionally abundant variety in the world and bring it back for my American friends, family and customers.

That relentless search finally bore fruit about two years ago.

Even though I had analyzed and observed dozens of the largest chia growing operations in the world (I have over 35 years of organic agricultural experience) none passed my quality standards test.Until one day…

I was traveling in the Central American highlands, my research told me that I was getting close.I was at the birthplace of the original chia seed, I was working with and speaking to the local Indian growers. They told me they were growing the same seed that they had been growing for hundreds of years, passed on from generation to generation by hand.

The same seed the Indigenous Indians of Mesoamerica grew, traded, and consumed for their health and vitality.

They cherished this seed and fed it to pregnant woman so their babies would grow up strong and healthy.

They put the chia oil on their skin to keep it soft and supple.

The men and warrior chieftains, their ancient ancestors, ate the seed for strength and endurance. I had found the Holy Grail!

As soon as I saw the seed, the first thing I observed was the color, it was ALL BLACK! 100%, no white seed. It had not been crossed with the white seed like you see in the regular commercial varieties currently in the market.

In my gut, I knew this was what I was looking for, but there was one more step, to verify is nutritional properties through rigorous scientific analysis.

I sent confirmed samples of this precious and unique seeds to the top five analytical labs in the world, four in the US and one in Germany. The results were beyond my wildest expectations.

The Ultra Pure Black Seed had an abundant amount of high-quality protein (containing all the 18 amino acids), higher percentages of omega 3 essential fatty acids by weight, and were an excellent source of fiber (33% of the recommended daily intake in one serving).

It had and an unparalleled high amount of antioxidants due to its color.

Antioxidants show their presence in nature through color, deep dark colors, greens, blues, yellows, orange, purple and black.With each successive lab report, I knew we had found the true chia Superfood variety, and that’s what we are now offering to our customers.

We are proud to be stewards of this remarkable seed heritage and we hope you will join us in keeping it alive for generations to come with your patronage."

Our Promise to You

"From product quality and high nutritional standards to the very best pesticide-free, organic practices and purity backed by our triple quality guaranteed lab testing, we take pride in doing business the right way. Our guiding belief is that the planet and the health of her people come before profit. Always." - The OVS Team.

And as a member of our community, you can expect the following...

  • 80 years of combined experience growing, eating, processing and distributing organic, vegan food (not just Superfoods).
  • Truthful information backed by science, clinical research and personal observations that you can rely on to make daily health and wellness decisions for you, your family and friends.
  • Specific nutritional and lifestyle information that vegans need to understand to maintain optimum health.
  • In-depth information about the best organic, vegan foods in the market today.
  • Where and how to get the best products for your health and how to use them for maximum benefit.
  • Be part of the larger conversation about where your food comes from and the environmental, social, and economic impact that your food choices have and what you can do to positively impact the situation.

We welcome you as a partner in our life-long journey to health, happiness and personal fulfillment. Please stay in touch and let us know what’s on your mind.

Yours for a peaceful and sustainable world,

The Organic Vegans