About Us

The Organic Vegan Superfoods story is one of passion for uncompromised high quality, toxin free (heavy metals, pesticides, GMO’s), nutrient dense superfoods.

How do we classify a SuperFood?

Any plant-based-food that is nutrient dense, has one or more unusually high nutrients and is “best in class” in comparison to other foods in its category.

We’ve created OrganicVeganSuperFoods.com to showcase these important and highly nutritious foods that we personally eat every day and share with our children, families, and friends. 

They are all 100% organic, vegan, and highly nutritious.

“We assure you that all of our #SuperFoods will give you peace of mind feeding them to your family.”

Our Mission

"We founded our company because we believe that when the human body has the right fuel, good things will come."

We are committed to providing your family with the highest quality and most nutrient dense superfoods that are free from toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and GMO’s.

We require lab testing for pesticides, particularly glyphosate (the most widely used herbicide in the world) and heavy metals (specifically lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury).

Few others do this.

But these chemicals and toxins are ubiquitous in the environment and in our food supply.

We know from personal experience and scientific research that, it is just as important to know what NOT to eat as it is to know what to eat.

Product Sourcing

We make every effort to go to the source for the products we present to you. We want you to know how they are grown, processed, and packaged and who’s responsible for each step of the way – from the farm to your kitchen table.

We share this information with you, we think you should know. We care, and we believe you do to.

The kids can’t figure it out, they depend on us.

But they’re the most impacted by our food choices. We want them to thrive and grow healthy and strong.