Our company is owned and operated by vegans who believe that organically grown food is the best food we can eat…for humans, for animals, and for the planet.

We are the developers of the Organic Pure Foods™  line of certified Organic Vegan Superfoods and the creative force behind the line.

We are a “people before profits” company. We make decisions based on how they will impact the planet. We contribute 2% of our profits to organizations that educate people about organic food and why it is the best solution for sustaining life and the personal and environmental hazards of producing and consuming genetically modified foods. We try to do our part to increase the quality and sustainability of our food supply.

We offset our transportation and energy usage by purchasing carbon credits locally where they are used to plant trees in our local community, in an effort to achieve “true” carbon neutrality. In short, we try and walk softly on the earth, living with a deep awareness of the present moment, with love and gratitude for the efforts of all that make this life possible.

We invite you to join us in our mission to build an army of conscious humans that live in peace and contentment with what is given, while sharing the love and gratitude of our bounty with all. Join our knowledge based revolution by putting your name and email address in the form to the right. We will keep you updated on new product announcements and key information about how to use Organic Vegan Superfoods to maintain optimum health and vitality. We look forward to sharing the Organic Vegan Superfoods journey with you.